We need your support now!

It is only with the generosity of people like you that we are able to support over 800 children, young people and adults with disabilities and additional needs from across East London and Essex. Even before COVID19, ELHAP was facing an unprecedented challenge due to the closure of other local services. We now have more families than ever before in need of our support.

Make a donation

By making a donation today, you can help us support 300 families of disabled children and young people. Here are some examples of how your donation could make a difference:

could buy play boxes that we are sending out to our families

could buy art materials for our play boxes 

could buy sensory play toys for our play boxes

could buy 5 play boxes that we are sending out to our families

could pay for a specialist workshop to be live streamed to all our families 

Set up a standing order

Standing orders are ELHAP's only source of income that we can count on 100%, year in year out. By setting up a standing order, however large or small, you could give us the long-term support we need to be able to plan the future development of our services. Please set up a standing order today.