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ELHAP is a unique support service in Woodford Bridge for disabled children, young people and adults from across East London. ELHAP stands for Every Life Has A Purpose.

Based in over 5-acres of woodland, with a vast adventure playground and nature reserve, ELHAP gives disabled children the chance to "just be kids." They can fly through the air on the zip wire, get muddy, cook over an open fire, build dens and go on bug hunts, as well as take part in art, yoga, dance, drama and horticulture workshops. ELHAP also works with adults, helping them develop skills, connect with the local community and explore their options for the future.

ELHAP urgently needs to secure additional financial support if it is to continue providing a life-line to local families. They work with over 600 service users and receive over 6000 visits each year.

Their key services are...

Weekend and Holiday Play Schemes:

They run play schemes for children with disabilities and their siblings during all of the school holidays and every other weekend. Most of their activities are run outside in their 5-acre playground and woodland space to enable the children to benefit from the fresh air and freedom. Within ELHAP’s safe boundaries, the children are encouraged to explore, take risks, get messy and take the lead in deciding how they use their time. As well as being a great source of fun for the children, their play schemes offer families valuable respite time.

Transition Project:

Facing the challenges of adult life can be daunting for anyone, but for a young person with disabilities the pressures and anxieties can be overwhelming. ELHAP’s Transition Project works with young people and adults to help them develop their skills, explore their options for the future and get connected to their local community.

Orchard Project:

ELHAP’s Orchard Project enables adults with disabilities to learn and develop practical skills including performing arts (drama, dance, music), horticulture, woodwork and cookery. Unlike more traditional day services, Orchard Project is based in their beautiful 5-acre woodland site, giving users the opportunity to connect with nature and explore the outdoors.

Why their work is needed...

· Children, young people and adults with disabilities are amongst the most vulnerable members of our society. 

· ELHAP serves a large community - 6 Local Authorities across East London - with 1000’s of disabled children and young people.
· They are the only organisation in East London providing a wide range of outdoor specialist disability services – from adventure play to woodland and horticulture activities.
· Access to the outdoors and the freedom to explore and take risks are essential for the healthy development of all children and young people. Disabled children and young people are often deprived of this experience due to logistical challenges or the risk they might hurt themselves or someone else.

Why we need your support...

· ELHAP receives over 6000 visits/year and demand is rising as other services are closed as a result of the cuts.
· Without securing additional financial support, the future of their work will be jeopardised. This will have a devastating impact on the lives of children, young people and adults with disabilities and their families throughout East London.

How your donation could help...

£5 could buy fake money for enterprise practice and role-play sessions.
£10 could buy some baking equipment for life skills baking and tasting sessions.
£25 could pay for the petrol for an exploration day trip.
£50 could pay for 8 sets of chime bars for an octave in percussion music therapy sessions.
£100 could pay for a healthy meal for 52 adults on the Orchard project. / 4 days of healthy lunches.

What people who use ELHAP say...

“I am writing to say thank you for having Toby over the summer holidays. It has been the most amazing experience for all our family, especially me. For the first time ever I have been able to leave Toby somewhere and not worry about him. The sense of relief and then the sense of freedom it gave me was quite unexpected. I had not realised just how much we all needed a break and the time Toby spent at ELHAP allowed us all to recharge our batteries.
At ELHAP Toby got to spend loads of time outside, without having to worry about other children teasing and taunting him. Toby just enjoyed himself so much. He has never had an experience like this before.
It really made me realise that although he is different, Toby still has a right to play, a right to enjoy himself, and a right to be happy. These aren’t things that he always finds easy - thank you ELHAP for giving him this.” Toby’s Mum

Other Quotes:
“For my child it’s a haven of understanding, sensory fun and play. For the rest of the family, it allows us to do things we can’t usually access with an autistic child.”

“In summer time when I have him 24/7 these breaks keep me sane.”

“Nothing compares to ELHAP ever! You have the outdoors, amazing staff, opportunities to be inside or outside, to adjust to other people, nowhere else has actually worked for us, only ELHAP.”

“You can’t imagine the precious break ELHAP gives me. Every hour is absolutely precious.”

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