ELHAP Bridge can offer short term placements to “bridge the gap” for some of the children and young people left without school, college or day service provision due to Coronavirus.  It may be particularly suitable for children & young people who are not in education or training, whose school place may be at risk.

ELHAP Bridge is a small service with short term placements of between 2 – 6 months. Placements are between 1- 4 days per week and from October 2020 through to Summer 2021

The project will run in term time from 9.30 – 3pm week days.  

ELHAP Bridge is a chance for children and young people to have a positive, supported experience at ELHAP whilst other education/training/day services are identified.

Who is ELHAP Bridge for?

School leavers with Disabilities – Age 16 – 25 years ELHAP can offer a safe, adventurous environment for this group of young people who already have already had very positive experiences with us.

Looked After Children – Age 10 – 18 years We have found that ‘taking a pause’ from traditional education by having a placement at ELHAP can be a bridge that leads to successful re-integration into the school system.

Adults with little or no other support services – Age 25 plus Adults who can cope with being outdoors and would enjoy being part of the wider ELHAP community.

What is the assessment criteria for ELHAP’s Bridge Project?

This is a most unique placement and won’t suit everybody. Almost all of the time will be spent doing Adventurous activities outside due to Covid-19 restrictions in place at ELHAP.

What will a placement at ELHAP Bridge include?

An individual programme of activities including practical skills, work skills and adventurous fun, supported by our highly experienced team.

Potential Outcomes

  1. Improved physical and mental health – well being
  2. Development of skills
  3. Greater resilience & Increased self esteem
  4. Awareness of risk through practice of taking measured risks with support
  5. Improved communication and greater social interaction

Further Information

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