Danny's mum

‘On the days Danny goes to ELHAP, he's often up from 4’oclock telling us to get up ready to go - that’s how exciting he finds it!’

Jess’s dad

‘ELHAP gives Jess freedom and independence from us. Other than her time there, her fun time is always with the family.’ 

Toby’s dad

‘There should be more places like ELHAP.’ 

John’s mum

‘It’s so lovely to see John get so excited to go to ELHAP, and at the end of the day he’s so happy. The only thing that upsets him is that he has to leave.’ 

Jasmine’s mum:

‘In summer time I have Jasmine 24/7, apart from when she's at ELHAP. The breaks ELHAP gives me keep me sane.’ 

Please note: the names on our case studies and quotes have been changed to protect the identity of our service users and their families.