Preventing people from being harmed or becoming ill at ELHAP is a most significant objective of ELHAP. Prevention by taking the appropriate and correct precautions and providing a safe environment for everyone at ELHAP is essential not only because of ELHAP’s legal obligations but because of its charitable objective. 

Health and Safety at ELHAP is governed by the Health and Safety Policy and through detailed risk assessments, but it is also important to learn from past experiences. ELHAP therefore conducts an annual analysis into the number of accidents and incidents at ELHAP, their causes and effects as well as the control measures required.  

Whilst risk assessments will identify known hazards, it is also important to learn about unknown, unforeseen or new potential hazards. One way of doing so is to review past accidents and incidents in order to identify potential risk related patterns and trends. 

Adventure play involves managed risk and is therefore susceptible to accidents and incidents. This does not mean ELHAP is complacent or passively accepting of accidents and incidents. Instead ELHAP always aims to reduce the number and severity of accidents and incidents whilst maintaining a challenging and stimulating adventure play environment to children, young people and adults with disabilities. Finding such a balance is never easy and requires ELHAP to be continually vigilant about maintaining a safe and healthy, but also an adventurous and stimulating environment for everyone. 

Key Documents

Health & Safety Statement and Policy

General Risk Assessment 2019

Fire Risk Assessment 2018

Dynamic Risk Assessment

COVID19 Documents

ELHAP Covid19 Risk Assessment (updated 12th August 2020)

ELHAP Infection Control guidance

ELHAP Response to Covid 19 symptoms Protocol

COVID19 Testing for ELHAP Staff Protocol