Following Government advice, ELHAP has temporarily suspended its services.

Key staff are still working part-time and can deal with any urgent queries - to contact ELHAP please email ELHAP at [email protected] or complete our online form. Please note that we will have reduced access to the ELHAP telephones so please try to contact us by email.

As a response to the nationwide shutdown, ELHAP is starting ELHAP-Connects on Wednesday 22nd April 2020. This project will help reduce isolation and connect families but also to offer all our children and young people opportunities to play adventurously, to have fun and to be active (via online platforms only). 

ELHAP-Connects has been set up to:

  1. Reduce child and family social isolation
  2. Connect children and families
  3. Create a routine of events to help give a sense of order
  4. Support our 290+ families in a multitude of ways because one size truly does not fit all
  5. Support and enhance good child physical and mental health
  6. Offer families activities and events that children and families can enjoy, engage in and have fun
  7. Regularly check in with our 290+ families to make sure they are ok

Online activities will go live on Monday 27th April 2020. Further information will be posted on the website as soon as it is available.