COVID19 Policies, Guidance and Protocols

COVID19 risk assessment (updated 12th August 2020)

COVID19 Infection Control guidance

COVID19 Emergency Action Plan

Use of Infection Control PPE Protocol

COVID19 Testing for ELHAP Staff Protocol

Safeguarding Policies

Safeguarding Children policy and procedure

Safeguarding Adults policy and procedure

Child Sexual Exploitation policy

Service Policies

Answering the door and collection policy

Anti-Bullying policy

Behaviours that challenge policy

Communication policy

Complaints policy

Confidentiality policy

Data protection policy

Decision making policy

Environmental policy

Intimate care policy and procedure

Managing behaviours that challenge policy

Medication policy and procedure

Missing user policy

Outing policy

Person centred support policy

Positive risk taking policy

Restraint policy

Sick user policy

Uncollected user policy

Visitors policy

Volunteer Policies

Volunteer policy

Volunteer problem solving policy

Health & Safety Policies

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Day to day health and safety


Fire Emergency Plan

First aid and accident reporting 

Food safety

Manual handling

Using VDU's

Stress management

Emergency planning policy

Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Lone Worker policy