ELHAP opened in 1976 and for 47 years has delivered adventure play opportunities to disabled and disadvantaged children and young people from across North East London and Essex. ELHAP is one of only eight specialist adventure playgrounds for disabled children in the whole of the UK. Set in a 5 1/2 acre woodland site, ELHAP is the biggest specialist adventure playground in the country. 

Our Values

In asserting children, young people and adults right to accessible, free and real adventure play opportunities, ELHAP believes in:

  • respecting the dignity and self-worth of each young person
  • respecting and valuing individual differences
  • recognising the growing autonomy of each person
  • respecting every person’s right to make choices regarding their lives
  • recognise the potential of each person

Our Vision

Through adventure play and its binding principles of respect, choice and trust all people, regardless of ability or dis-ability, are equal and free to develop to their full potential.

Our Mission

To provide inclusive, natural and stimulating adventure play and related recreation to all children, young people and adults who are disadvantaged through disability, adversity or difficult life experience through the provision of accessible, user led and friendly services to families in need.