What is the ELHAP-Connects project?

ELHAP started the ELHAP-Connects project as a response to the nationwide shutdown. This project is helping to reduce isolation and connect families but also offering all our disabled and vulnerable children and young people opportunities to play adventurously, to have fun and to be active. 

The ELHAP-Connects project is delivering 5 key tasks to nearly 300 ELHAP families:


Online Workshops

We are running a wide range of exciting and online workshops each week, including Exploring ELHAP, Music Madness, Yoga, Mindfulness plus a weekly challenge. All our weekly online workshop schedules can be found at:

Online Workshop Schedules

Play boxes delivered to families

We delivered nearly 300 play and activity boxes to all our children and young people in May 2020. We want to continue to create and deliver these every month until day-to-day life has gone back to normal. Each box contains a great range of toys, art and craft materials (we adjust the content for older young people).

Group chats with young people

We are organising regular and one off group chats so we can facilitate young people meeting up with each remotely and for ELHAP-Connects staff to check in and see how the young people are doing. We will focus on young people attending the Transition Studio, Pathway and Orchard Project.

Checking in with families

We are organising a telephone check between ELHAP-Connects staff and ELHAP families so we can find out how each family is doing in lockdown. It is especially important that we connect with our families and make sure that they don't feel alone or that no one cares.

Signposting families to extra help

We are going to help families find the support that they need by signposting all the available services and organisations that are running in lockdown. 

Support Us

Please support the ELHAP-Connects project. We urgently need donations and fundraising, so please check out our support page.

Further information

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries.